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Not-For-Profit Accounting Services

You have a mission, which you must fulfill.  However, managing your financials and regulatory filings should not keep you from achieving your mission and take time away from what matters.

We offer full range of Not-For-Profit services, to help you and take care of all your financial and regulatory requirements.

We offer a number of services to take the load off your plate, so that you can focus on achieving your mission:

  • Maintaining Financials - To effectively run not-for-profit mission, you need to know how your operation is performing.  This would include knowing whether you are managing your expenses, donations and / or whether you have adequate cash to sustain your mission for the long term.  Maintaining your financial records accurately is crucial to achieving this outcome.  Furthermore, financials are a prerequisite to prepare your taxes.  Sometimes this may require you to have specialized accounting and tax treatment knowledge.  We can take your transaction information and maintain your financials on a regular basis.

  • Bank and Credit Card Reconciliations - Your financial transactions need to correspond to your banking statements.  This also ensures that you don't have unwanted transactions in your bank accounts.  Reconciling can be a daunting and time consuming task for your staff and may require specialized knowledge.  We can take your banking information and your financials to perform bank reconciliations.

  • Payroll Processing Every employee expects to be paid correctly and on time.  To complicate matters, there are complex tax and other deductions that needs to be accurately calculated.  Navigating through different payroll deductions, tax calculations can be time consuming and complex.  We can handle the payroll processing for you, so that your employees are happy with an accurate pay-check and you can spend your time on running your mission.

  • Payroll Filing The government requires you to accurately file employee payroll information, such as WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) and tax filings, on time.  Again, there are complex rules surrounding these filings.  We can certainly help you and take care of these filings for you, so that you remain compliant.

  • Government Filings – From time to time you may be required to comply with government filings to maintain your not-for-profit status.  Again, having accurate financials is a prerequisite for this.  However, these filings require you to take your financial information and perform calculations and analysis.  We can help compile these additional filings, based on your financial records, so that you don’t have to worry about learning a whole new subject.

  • Other Accounting Services – While the above list does not cover everything, we offer complete accounting services to run your not-for-profit mission.  You don’t need a dedicated finance and accounting team.  We will provide the required services, so that you can focus on running your mission.

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