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Business Consultancy Services

We offer a range of business consultancy services to help you run your business effectively and efficiently.  With years of experience, we have seen the best of breed.  We bring that experience and best practices to your business to make your business more efficient, effective and profitable.

We offer a number of consultancy services to take the load off your plate, so that you can focus on growing the business and focusing on your customers:

  • Project Management – We have years of experience managing multimillion dollar projects and delivering them successfully.  Complex projects can balloon and become unmanageable with the wrong project managers.  Having managed and delivered projects in major financial institutions, we have expertise in managing wide range of projects.  We can provide this expertise to you.

  • Financial Forecasting and Modelling - As a business owner, you need to have a concrete view of the future, so that you can make effective decisions.  To view the future, you need to have a forecast of how the future may turn out to be based on known factors.  This is where financial modelling and forecasting comes in.  We are experts in financial modelling and forecasting.  We can build forecasts for you, based on your business drivers, so that you know the impact of your decisions and changes.  Let us help you with financial modelling and forecasting.

  • Accounting Systems Change and Implementation – Whether it is implementing a new accounting system or changing your existing accounting system can be complex.  You are not only changing the technology system, but all the business processes that go along with it.  We have years of experience helping organizations with accounting system changes.  We can certainly lead and help you with the change.

  • Supplier Selection and Evaluation – Selecting a vendor or a supplier requires evaluation of multiple factors.  Sometimes, the cheapest or the highest quality supplier may not be the right one.  The exercise requires building an effective business case, taking into consideration all the factors.  Through effective modelling, risk analysis and cost-benefit analysis, we can help you select suppliers for your business growth.  

  • Other Business Consultancy Services – Having worked for decades in the financial industry, we bring a mountain of experience to help you with a wide variety of projects.  Please reach out to us; we can evaluate your needs and provide the right help you require.

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